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There is nothing like a deadline to get you motivated…

Helena Mitchell

I’m sure you are nodding in agreement with me, maybe even smiling (or shuddering) at the countless memories of late nights, cups of coffee and the faint sound of the clock counting down to … deadline. Yep you guessed it that dreaded word ‘deadline’. They are what drives us and crush us all at the same time, but most of us can’t live without them… Why is that?

Well, it’s simple, we are human.

Most of us probably had some sort of schooling background, with strict timetables, teachers telling us if we were right or wrong and even training us to associate red pen as bad and green pen as good (I now strive to avoid these colour pens at all costs!) We have been conditioned from an early age to work towards deadlines, it gives us a sense of timing, purpose and even a physical finish line to focus on.

So why is it that whenever a deadline approaches we suddenly become super productive?

All procrastination goes out the window, fear is replaced by focus as we go full steam ahead to get our task completed on time?

Why do we put that last minuet pressure on ourselves?

Is it because we have been taught to perceive deadlines as a natural assessment point to reflect on the success or failure of that task, that year, that project?

Well, whatever it is, we never seem to learn do we? We always say, “Wow that was close” or “Gosh I’m never doing that again!” but then just a mere few months, weeks or even days later we find ourselves back at the beginning, feeling positive and optimistic that our ‘new’ deadline is far away, out of reach. That because we have “agggggeeees” we will plan, prep and be organised this time so it doesn’t happen ag….Yep you guessed it, its happened again.

Woah, woah, woah, stop a second. Let’s just pause a moment and take a little look at this vicious circle that we are repeatedly throwing ourselves in, the ‘washing machine of self destruction’ if you like.

Now what if there was a way out? A way to have these deadlines that we as humans clearly long for, whilst maximising the last minuet adrenaline, pure focused, full steam ahead, blinkers on mode that only seems to emerge in the final few moments as the deadline draws near?

Well, there is!

It may sound strange, but trust me, you will be amazed at what it can do for you, your business and your productivity.

Ready for it?

Simply move the deadline closer. So instead of having a goal to achieve by the end of the year, break it down into smaller stepping stone goals, maybe even a monthly goal that enables you to take those vital small ladder steps towards the big yearly goal. Ultimately a small step forward is still a step in the right direction, right?

This simple yet effective change enables us to maximise the last minuet focus as we have a much shorter time to achieve our mini goal/task. This makes every week, day and even moment count …. Bet that will make you think twice about scrolling on instagram for ‘research’ 45 mins a day ! Try it, what have you got to lose? You might be surprised by the outcome.

Alternatively, there is nothing wrong with saying, “This is too much on my plate” “I can’t handle all this right now, so I’m going to delegate" spread the load, cut it up into smaller bite size chunks that you can manage. In fact I would say that was a brave, clever and respectable thing to do.

Perhaps you have an explainer video or social media advert you have been meaning to do for months, but have never got round to it because of last minuet meetings or emails, phone calls and clients that you have to prioritise. That task gets further and further down the list but becomes a heavier and heavier burden on your shoulders.

Well, here’s a simple solution… Let me take that stress and burden off you. Did you know I not only voice social media adverts and explainer videos but I write them too?

Annnnnd want to know what’s even better? My partner is a professional videographer, so basically we can take that whole task off your back, off your to do list and to the top of ours. Getting you the high quality finished visuals and audio you envisioned, in a fast turn around time. Ultimately leaving you to focus on what you do best, your business.

So why not drop me a message now to chat about your next project? I can’t wait to take that stress away for you.

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