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Commercial DemoHelena Mitchell
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Corporate DemoHelena Mitchell
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I have a light, friendly, relatable voice that is articulate and easy on the ear. 

I have a dynamic and versatile voice. This enables me to provide a sincere and honest vocal tone, perfect for the 30-40’s character age bracket or something more formal and authoritative. Whilst also providing a bright, youthful, characterful vocal performance, perfect for a 20's-30's age bracket for something enticing such as a TV commercial or kids TV. 

I have my own home studio, with a: SEx-1 mic, reflection shield, shockproof mount, stand, acoustic blankets and soundproofing, pop shield, ONYx interface and Audio technical M40 - x closed headphones. This is all run through a professional software system (TwistedWave) on my Mac. I provide top quality recording and editing in either an MP3 or wav format depending on what you require. 

I have a quick turn around and am more than happy to do any pick ups that you require. I will provide an edited and raw version for you, depending on what it is that you would prefer. 

I love doing different voices for kids animation as well as the charity tv commercials, adverts and e-learning/documentary online content. However, if you need a particular accent, style or tone, then my versatile and easy to direct voice is perfect for you.

No job is to big or small and with my range of experience I can guarantee that I will easily work with you in a professional, reliable and efficient way to create your perfect audio. 

My most recent TV commercial voiceover job was for 'Veet' where I voiced 3 different women (neutral English, Northern and Essex), this was released on social media and TV channels. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me I am more than happy to have a chat and see if my voice will work for you.

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